What is fireNspec?

With the key idea to create an app to help inspectors perform their inspections as easy, efficient and reliable as possible, we created the concept for the product that is today available as fireNspec.

fireNspec joins an iOS app available for iPad and iPhone with a web admin panel for the office.

Inspectors are using the mobile field unit while the office keeps perfect control with real time access. 

What platforms are supported?

fireNspec joins a mobile app available for iPad, iPhone and Android  with a web admin panel for the office.

Inspectors are using the mobile field unit while the office keeps perfect control with real time access. 

Simplifying scheduling

With fireNspec inspection scheduling is as easy as it can be. The inspector selects customer, site, date and repeating interval, and the inspection is scheduled and available on the event calendar.

Multiple inspectors, real time database and offline capability

Invite multiple inspectors to each inspection and have them perform the Inspection together. Data is merged using our smart algorithms and  available through our real time database.

Our advanced offline persistency database stores data in situations  where no internet connection is possible and automatically syncs once the connection is restored.

Saving time and money

Once users get started, available data can be migrated using the custom migration tool. Inspection content such as inspection devices, system data, locations, addresses and everything that once has been entered as part of an inspection is automatically pre filled for the next inspection. 

The only remaining task is to set the inspection state. Passed or failed. Inspection devices can be conveniently cloned  to minimize the time it takes to perform inspections.

Date and time stamp

fireNspec uses an advanced logging algorithm to date and time stamp every action the inspector takes.

The result is a timeline log that holds the inspector accountable. Every action is date and time stamped, with GPS location, hand signed by the inspector.

No room to deny actions months later.

Everyone has their own way and preferences

Templates editor

fireNspec delivers a template system that enabled everyone to setup their own inspection reports with simple drag & drop.

The default templates follow the common NFPA and CLA standards and the templates allow room for endless customization.

Additional features

Barcoding, decibel testing and chat messages

In compliance with the NFPA requirements, fireNspec enables inspectors to perform decibel testing, either by quick test or sequence testing, using their iOS device. 

 fireNspec’s smart barcode scanner enabled everyone to use barcoding. Every barcode is scan- and usable. Devices are then scannable and can be added to the inspection as easy as with the a single touch on the screen.

Each inspection comes with its own fully integrated chat room. Inspectors can communicate between each other for support and clearance. Admins can intervene and monitor the situation.

Integrate with SedonaOffice to pre-populate fields within the inspection report


  • any kind of system (fire, sprinkler, security)
  • unlimited number of inspections
  • unlimited number of barcode scans
  • unlimited number of customers/sites
  • unlimited number of PDF generations
  • data export and migration


  • NFPA templates
  • ULC templates
  • custom templates
  • compliance engine satisfying templates
  • online reporting


  • simple drag and drop templates editor
  • Google G-Suit calendar integration
  • drop-downs and check boxes
  • pre-defined compliance templates available
  • Inspection information pre-fill


What database is being used?

We’re using Google’s Firebase real time database. The database that allows real time sync between mobile apps and with the web office.

Do you support ULC / NFPA standards?

Yes. fireNspec offers a fully customizable templates manager and editor and we’re providing a wide variety of pre-defined and code compliant templates.

How is my data secured?

We’re protecting your data by utilizing industry standard encryption methods and storing the data using Firebase’s server-side enforced security rules.

Can I import / Export my data?

Yes. We are offering migration tools to import your existing database and we’re offering services and API endpoints to export your data.

Will I be able to perfom inspections offline?

Yes, all your data is stored offline first and automatically synced with the cloud. Information can be entered and stored while no connection is available and will be synced in the background. 

Can I try firenspec for free?

Yes. We’re offering a generous, completely free and no strings attached 14-day trial. Try it out and see for yourself how fireNspec will be an asset.

Who uses fireNspec?

Martin Systems – Bellevue, WI

5 Alarm Security – Carlsbad, CA

MSC – Cypress, TX

Security Instument – Delaware


BakerRipley – Houston, TX

Vancouver Fire – Vancouver, Canada

The Greater Good Fire & Safety Equipment – Des Moines, IA

American Security & Communications – Neenah, WI

George Mason University – Fairfax, VA

City of Denton, TX

Unmatched Flexibility & Transparency

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A platform fee may be applicable to accounts with 5 or more seats.

Data Migration Services Available

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  • Unlimited Inspections
  • Full Timeline Access
  • Full Templates Manager Access


1 – 4 Techs
$ 49

  • Unlimited Inspections
  • Customizable Templates
  • Timeline Access
  • Scheduling Calendar
  • Unlimited Barcode Scans
  • No Contract
  • Unlimited PDF Reports
  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • Unlimited Customers/Sites


5 or more
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  • Everything in Professional
  • Branded Portal
  • No Contract
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Volume Discounts
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Includes Account Manager


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