Why you will love fireNspec

fireNspec has been designed to perform inspections with perfect efficiency while holding the inspectors accountable using real time technology and still gives you unmatched offline support for regions and sites with bad signals and missing WiFi.

In-App Chat and realtime Timeline

Stay in contact with your inspectors via In-App Chat and watch the inspection as it happens in real time on your web dashboard or using the App.

Offline Technology

Our amazing technology made it possible to have real time and offline support at the same time. Synchronization happens when signal is available.

Customer Support

We're constantly developing and we're actively working together with our Users to develiver a product that you will love to work with.

Templates System

Customize or create your own inspection templates or use the templates we have created for you. All templates follow the NFPA standards.


Every action performed using the inspection App creates a timeline log with GPS and time stamp that holds the inspectors accountable.


Get started for free and never get tied down to any contracts. You subscribe the inspectors you wish to use the App and you stay as long as you're happy.


Use optional barcoding to tag your inspection devices. You can use any kind of barcode and scan the device to add it to the inspection with 1 click.

Inspection Prefill

Save money and time by prefilling an inspection automatically from a former inspection. The only remaining task for the inspector is to set the state.

"SedonaOffice" Integration

Connect to your SedonaOffice account to have access to your customer data and create inspections from service tickets.

And so much more

Request a free demo today and schedule a GoToMeeting with us so we can show you how fireNspec will help your success.


Unmatched flexibility and transparency

Pay as you go. Subscribe inspectors to grant them access to the App and cancel anytime. Subscriptions are also fully transferable from inspector to inspector.

14 days trial


  • 14 Days
  • Unlimited Inspections
  • Full Timeline Access
  • Full Templates Manager Access
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Inspector subscription


  • No Contract
  • Unlimited Inspections
  • Full Timeline Access
  • Full Templates Manager Access
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Integrate with SedonaOffice to pre-populate fields within the inspection report

  • Use fireNspec on all your favorite mobile devices
  • Real time inspection progress via App and Web
  • Collaborate with inspectors and merge information into one report
  • Inspections for any type of systems (Fire alarm, Sprinkler, EVACS, …)
  • Utilize pre-existing lists of manufacturers and models or create your own barcodes
  • Hundreds of comments from adopted NFPA reference standards
  • Measure ambient and alarm sound using built-in db meter
  • Allow customers and 3rd party users to see real time inspection progress
  • Customize your inspection reports
  • E-Mail and export reports to the customer and SedonaOffice

A product is only as good as its team. The fireNspec team has been working together since 2 years and counting. Each member has been active and successful in their respective fields and together we're giving our heart and soul to create a product that you'll love.
Mark Popkowski

Mark Popkowski


Owner of his own Fire & Security Alarm Company, Mark has been in the Fire Alarm Industry since 1986 and holds a NICET III certification in Fire Alarm Systems. Mark strives to remain current and up to date with the latest NFPA Codes and Standards.

David Seek

David Seek

CTO / Lead Developer

David is a passionate iOS Developer since the beginning of Swift. Before that he has been a Java Developer for PlanetHome in Munich, Germany. He defines all the requirements for the iOS App and Web Panel.

Saad Ahmed

Saad Ahmed


Saad joined the Team in January 2018 and is the head of Web Development. He makes sure that the API works well. That the Web Panel is reliable and secure and takes care of our Backend.

Julia Ustinovich

Julia Ustinovich

UI Designer

Julia is our UI/UX Designer Freelancer. She makes sure that everything looks nice and feels just as good.

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