In the past, inspection apps have been the domain of the large business with significant working capital. While they could benefit the small and medium business as well, they were just too cost prohibitive. Today fireNspec solves the problem with a feature-rich, completely affordable inspection app.

Trade in Your Quill
Fire and other types of inspections are a necessary part of staying code compliant but the process comes with reams of paperwork. fireNspec comes with NFPA and ULC compliant templates as well as customizable templates with autofill features to save you time and money while boosting accuracy.

Lost Wifi Never Means Delay
Another important advantage of fireNspec is that you never have to cancel or delay an inspection simply because you lose your WiFi or cellular signal. If your signal is lost, you can keep right on inspecting; your data continues to be saved as you inspect on your mobile device and will be automatically synced when your internet connection is restored.

Increased Accountability
With fireNspec, all inspections are tracked using real-time GPS and time logging. That means no more discrepancies. The GPS additionally saves time and money as you can easily find and dispatch the nearest available inspectors to complete jobs.

Increased Communication In-App Chat
The in-app chat provides real-time communication with inspectors. This helps to solve problems on the spot and address issues without having to conduct a second visit.

Regular Consistent Inspections
Regular inspections are important to maintain compliance, but having those inspections be consistently accurate is equally important. Collectively, fireNspec’s features which include inspection scheduling ensure inspections are on time and comprehensive.

With fireNspec, you can keep everyone on the same page and in the know. For more information about fireNspec and additional benefits, please give us a call today!

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